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I am embarrassed to be putting this picture up because it just is not an attractive meal.  But, this was my local meal for the week, and I’ve committed to talking about it.  So, let’s just get the ugly photo out of the way.

Yeah.  Sorry about that. 

It’s a butternut squash pancake with smoked cheddar cheese and braised dandelion greens with garlic and lemon.  All local ingredients. Other than that, I’ll spare you the details.  Let’s just say the pancake tasted a lot better than it looked.  The dandelion greens did not.

Finally, I must add that my wonderful husband is a trooper.  I felt so horrible putting such a hideous looking plate down before him, and he graciously ate it up with compliments, not complaints.  I don’t know if many people could be so supportive of my weird cooking attempts, so I’ll just say that he rocks.

I promise something more appetizing looking very soon.

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